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Who has the best banking App in South Africa

Banking is one of the most talked about industries on social media. It’s where the job gets done, am-I-right? Which is why – along with surveys, indexes, and personal reviews – social media is where one goes to gauge consumer sentiment these days. But we looked at all of the above to determine the best of the banking apps offered by South Africa’s five big banks.   The Battle Of The Banking Apps Social Media   BrandsEye CEO, JP Kloppers, shared some of the banking app insights they gleaned in 2016 when they analysed the social media space, with...

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Retirement. It’s something our parents deal with and feels like light years away, a thing for the future you to think about. Saving for it often takes a back seat to more immediate ‘needs’ like investing in the current you: purchasing a home or car, building a family, your social life and that upcoming overseas holiday. This doesn’t have to be the case. You can find a balance between preparing for the future while living your best life today. While trying to find a balance between living today and saving for the future, millennials are reinventing the idea of...

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As it stands, the majority of South African workers aren’t confident about their financial retirement plan – a sentiment that is likely only to be worsened by the current economic uncertainty. If this trend is not reversed, it could further compound the pain that the local economy is currently feeling. With only 32% of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) – the country’s largest source of employment – having retirement funding on their agenda, the feasibility of improving the country’s saving rate narrows. This is according to the 2017 Old Mutual Corporate SME Employee Benefits Monitor which was launched in Johannesburg this...

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Power Saving Tips

Winter has arrived, and we are all taking out the extra blankets, scarfs and warm jackets. No matter how you plan to spend this winter, here are a few tips on how to prepare your home for the warmest winter yet and keep the budget in tact. 1. Replace light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs In winter we do use lights more often and for longer periods. This will affect your electricity bill negatively so ensure you use energy-saving bulbs. The transition to energy-saving bulbs can be a costly exercise so make these changes gradually by starting with the busiest...

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Review of your personal budget

Wow, this year is truly flying past, and it seems to be only picking up speed as it goes along.  No matter how much planning we do, life is unpredictable, and your financial circumstances do change along with your goals and needs. With the year almost half-way done, now is a good time to re-evaluate your budget and adapt where necessary.  If you’ve never done a budget before – now is as good time as ever to start! Here are 5 easy steps to assess your current budget and change where necessary:   Is your current system working?  ...

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