July was National Savings Month and many articles were published to encourage saving in different ways.

We have summarised the most important savings in various categories for you to refer back to at any point in time. Concentrating on how to save should be done every day and not just in one dedicated month. To help the cause, keep the following tips in mind.


  1. Start saving for your retirement as soon as possible.
    2. Pay yourself first before paying others. Put whatever money you can afford into a savings account monthly before paying any accounts.
    3. Keep a budget. You cannot save if you don’t know where your money is spent every month.
    4. Don’t underestimate the value of short-term insurance. Losing valuable is costly to replace without insurance.
    5. Live within your means. Do not overspend on items that are not necessary.


  1. If you have the option, walk or use a bicycle to commute.
    2. Create a carpool programme.
    3. Consider buying an eco or hybrid vehicle.
    4. Video-conference instead of driving to meetings.
    5. Avoid rush hour traffic.


  1. Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs.
    2. Use heating and air-conditioning only when necessary and adjust the temperature accordingly.
    3. Switch your geyser off when not in use. Set the geyser temperature to operate at 70% instead of 100%. Get a geyser blanket.
    4. Ensure your insulation is efficient and eco-friendly.
    5. Switch off and unplug items when not in use.


  1. Fix leaking faucets and burst pipes immediately or report them as soon as possible.
    2. Irrigate gardens before sunrise or after sunset especially in Summer.
    3. Use a pool cover to prevent evaporation and refilling the pool.
    4. Take shorter showers and avoid long hot baths.
    5. Use a bucket to wash a car with and not a hosepipe.


  1. Plant a vegetable and herb garden and use your very own fresh produce.
    2. Create your own compost heap and keep adding to it.
    3. Never shop on an empty stomach and without a list. This saves money and time.
    4. Invest in a water filter system and don’t buy bottled water. Use water bottles and jugs instead of buying bottled water.
    5. Take advantage of reward programmes. Points that are converted into cash go a long way to saving.

Whenever possible, save, reuse, reduce and recycle.